Modern, reliable and verifiable election solutions

The Unisyn Voting Solutions’ OpenElect® suite of products provides government institutions with the power to optimize their election programs while saving time and resources. They deliver solutions which are:

  • Secure: provides multi-tiered protection
  • Auditable: complete chain of custody
  • Flexible: accommodates all election types and robust ADA voter requirements
  • Efficient: saves you time and resources
  • Scalable: designed to meet the needs and budget of every jurisdiction

OpenElect® digital scan voting systems have receive certification from the U.S. Election Assistance Commission to meet the 2005 Voluntary Voting System Guidelines.

Unisyn Voting Solutions have the only systems built with Java on a streamlined and hardened Linux platform, providing multiple layers of security and flexibility. To further Unisyn’s commitment to transparency, the system source code is available for independent review as part of an official procurement or evaluation process by a voting jurisdiction.

For enhancing an existing system or developing an entirely new one, the OpenElect® Suite delivers security, efficiency and value to ensure a smooth and transparent election process.

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