For more than two decades, International Lottery & Totalizator Systems, Inc. (ILTS) has designed and built the most reliable terminals in the wagering industry. In fact, ILTS terminals have been known to operate continuously for more than two decades with required service calls only once every two years. They also achieve mean ticket between failure (MTBF) rates that are more than double the industry average for worry-free operation.

Intelimark® FLX Terminal

FLX_1sThe ILTS Intelimark® FLX represents a new milestone in the evolution of online lottery terminals. It integrates field-proven ILTS ticket-handling technology and its legendary performance with the latest point-of-sale technology in a single, compact unit that is easy to install even where space is limited. It is fast, reliable and secure with user-friendly features that increase operator efficiency and help reduce transaction time.

With its open architecture, PC-based technology, the Intelimark FLX provides the flexibility to quickly and economically respond to the dynamic needs of both players and retailers. The high-speed, upgradable CPU provides the ability to take advantage of application programs and expand operations with new functions in the future. In addition to the high-volume processing of lottery wagers, the Intelimark FLX can validate both online and instant tickets, print reports and perform self-diagnostics.

The Intelimark FLX powerful microprocessor and advanced modular design provide a flexible platform that can be configured to meet the lottery’s exact needs. The large color touch screen offers the optimum flexibility to configure the operator interface to suit specific requirements. Its patented, custom-tailored graphical user interface reduces the number of steps in selling and guides the operator through all essential functions.


The ILTS CheckPoint is a player-activated device that allows players the convenience of quickly and easily identifying their own winning tickets. It provides retailers with more time for selling tickets and performing other store business, and reduces waiting time for players in rapid play venues such as keno. A true win/win situation for both players and retailers.

CheckPoint’s single-purpose design simplifies operation and streamlines the verification process. Featuring presentation and pass-by scanning, CheckPoint allows players to verify winning tickets quickly — with no awkward positioning or swiping required. A message is then displayed on the LCD indicating the status of each ticket – whether or not it is a winner. When a winner is identified, the player simply takes the ticket to a clerk for validation and payment. Its compact size permits installation on wall or pole, and it is available with a wireless communication interface.