International Lottery & Totalizator Systems, Inc. (ILTS) is committed to providing the most innovative, most reliable, and best-performing gaming and digital voting systems to customers worldwide. In addition, the company strives to deliver exceptional service and ongoing support that maximizes customer profitability and satisfaction while delivering a fair return to shareholders.

Company Overview

ILTS is a leading supplier of online wagering and digital scan voting systems with installations worldwide. It was incorporated in California in 1978 and began its operations in 1979. As the company that pioneered the transition from electro-mechanical totalizator systems to pari-mutuel wagering, ILTS continues to innovate across all channels with new bet-processing technologies, software and data management systems that deliver the highest performance with the greatest profitability.

The company also has the expertise to provide any level of service desired, from complete facilities management and operation to the installation of a turnkey system and comprehensive training of staff. For more than three decades, ILTS has delivered world-class system solutions to customers on six continents.